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Hi there!

I’m Joanna, a Registered Dietitian and lover of all things real food and healthy living.

I have been practicing as a Registered Dietitian for 5 years and have experience working with individuals struggling with a wide range of health ailments and from many stages of life.

I believe that food really IS the best medicine and that we ALL have the power within us to create the healthiest versions of ourselves.

I have been trained in integrative & functional nutrition and have a holistic, “whole body” approach to health. This means that I will assess ALL aspects of your lifestyle and body when providing treatment recommendations, not just the seemingly “obvious” or expected areas.

I am also extremely passionate about healing the relationship with food. Frankly, if the mind-body connection is out of whack, making healthy lifestyle changes is going to be much more difficult. I help clients focus on creating positive eating environments and reduce anxiety associated with foods in order to achieve lasting behavior change.

Through personalized nutrition and lifestyle counseling, I am dedicated to helping you achieve the goals YOU want.


my specialties include:

  • Integrative & functional medicine/nutrition – this approach views the entire body as being interconnected and focuses on treating the ROOT CAUSE of health ailments, NOT just the symptoms. We will dive deep to figure out what is causing your symptoms and help heal your body from the inside out.

  • Intuitive and mindful eating to help heal your relationship with food

  • Gut related disorders (IBS, dysbiosis, bloating, acid reflux)

  • Weight management

  • Kidney disease

  • Diabetes and pre-diabetes

  • Cardiovascular health


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