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What makes a healthy smoothie? (Recipes inside)

What I love about smoothies is they are cold & refreshing (so perfect for hot days), and if made right they can be packed with essential fiber and nutrients. The nutrients get absorbed into the blood stream quicker than solid food, making them perfect post-workout fuel. But the key word with smoothies is making them RIGHT. Many popular pre-made smoothies can have more sugar than a candy bar, and with little fiber. NOT GOOD! So what are the key components of a healthy smoothie? 

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Meal Prep Tips (that will make you an expert in no time!)

I get it…the idea of meal prepping can sound like such a chore. What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be so daunting, or even take as much time as you may think? What if I guaranteed you that you CAN learn how to implement basic meal-prepping tips no matter how limited you are on time or resources? Read on to learn my top tips to make yourself into a meal prep expert in no time!

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Say NO to GMO...and hello to this! (delicious recipes inside)

GMO’s are risky & are associated with multiple health complications. Meet California Lavash…an authentic bakery that believes in creating REAL FOOD, just like I do! They use only simple, wholesome ingredients, and NEVER use GMO’s. This means that I can consume their flatbreads, pita, & naan without fear of exposure to genetically modified ingredients or chemicals that may cause my body harm. Here I will highlight some of my favorite recipes to use this delicious product!

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