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Meal Prep Tips (that will make you an expert in no time!)

I get it…the idea of meal prepping can sound like such a chore. What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be so daunting, or even take as much time as you may think? What if I guaranteed you that you CAN learn how to implement basic meal-prepping tips no matter how limited you are on time or resources? Read on to learn my top tips to make yourself into a meal prep expert in no time!

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Say NO to GMO...and hello to this! (delicious recipes inside)

GMO’s are risky & are associated with multiple health complications. Meet California Lavash…an authentic bakery that believes in creating REAL FOOD, just like I do! They use only simple, wholesome ingredients, and NEVER use GMO’s. This means that I can consume their flatbreads, pita, & naan without fear of exposure to genetically modified ingredients or chemicals that may cause my body harm. Here I will highlight some of my favorite recipes to use this delicious product!

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